Proof 10S is a type of solvent-base impregnator.

Proof 10S is a type of solvent-base impregnator. Its special molecular elements penetrate into the surface of natural stone protecting them from seepage’s and from prejudicial action of external agents and extraneous substance. It develops a high protective, water-proofing and anti-stain action. It also highly against penetration of oils, smog, moulds, coffee and dirt etc.

Indications: Special formulated for high absorptive nature stone.

How to use:

The surface to be treated must be dry, without dust and free from any kind of greasy substances. Apply Proof 10S by roller, sprayer and brush.

Depending on the environment conditions (temperature, air humidity etc). If the absorption is completed, the excess should be removed by another clean, dry and not dyed cotton rag, some hard and dried residue may remain on the surface (always on the polished surface) which can easily be removed by using a small quantity of Proof 10S.

For the best protecting action, further application, after one hours from previous one, are suggested. The coverage is about 8-10 sq.m/liter, depending on the porosity of the materials applied. Complete protection is effective after 24 hours.

Packaging: 1 liter/bottle, 5 liters/drum & 18 liters/drum