It is a highly versatile polishing material.

It is a highly versatile polishing material. It adopts nano-composite technology and uses nano-inorganic materials and polymer materials to produce a new high-tech polishing agent. It completely solves the shortcomings of waxy polishing agent that are easy to lose light, intolerance to rubbing, intolerance to temperature, intolerance to washing, etc. Under the action of pressure and friction, a clear, dense and hard nano-level protective film is formed on the treated surface.

How to use:

  1. Recommend use to the surface of stone up to 2000#。
  2. Take 10 to 15g of Q90 nanolux polishing cream per square meter, with white nylon pad using a hand-held waxing machine (180-3000 rpm) or recrystallizing machine to the treatment surface . The heat generated when polishing the treatment surface can accelerate the penetration of the polishing slurry and the action of crystallization into a membrane.
  3. Repeat this application a second or third time,if necessary,until the desired shine or high gloss is reached.Subsequent to the application,thoroughly clean the treated surfaces.

Packaging: 5 kgs/drum