PRODESO is a low density polyethylene membrane provided with rounded based truncated pyramidal cavities. On the under side it is provided with a non-woven thermowelded polypropylene sheet that guarantees fixing to the support and on the upper side with non-woven thermowelded polypropylene that perfectly adheres to its surface and guarantees tile attachment PRODESO is an uncoupling and waterproofing membrane, with a 3,5 mm. thickness that does not require expansion joints in the screed before laying ceramic and natural stone tiles. PRODESO ensures laying of any flooring and waterproofing also in the case of cracked, not perfectly cured substrates and therefore with possible vapor pressure and overlapping.

1 - Uncoupling
2 - Waterproong
3 - Vapour management
4 - Heat distribution

Dimensions: 30m x 1m (width)