Bi-component, transparent, special epoxy adhesive of high performance.

Bi-component, transparent, special epoxy adhesive of high performance specially suitable for the safe and long lasting bonding of marble, granite, ceramics, iron, wood, natural stone together or to heterogeneous supports. Request the technical data sheet.

Indications: Bonding of any kind of stone and ceramic materials, both natural and synthetic, between them or to heterogeneous supports such as metal, wood, glass, concrete.

How to use: The surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry, without trace of dust or alien substances.Take 4 parts of component A, resin, and 1 part of component B, catalyst,(i.e 100 grams of component A and 25 grams of  component B) and mix carefully at least 3 minutes. Use two different tools for taking the components A and B. For the correct catalysis comply scrupulously with the mixing ratio as above in small quantity(400 to 500 grams each time) thus avoiding a too short time before the hardening reaction.. Do not apply glue already in phase of hardening reaction. Do not use at temperature lower than 10°C(50°F). The hardening takes place 3 to 5 hours according to the environment conditions; it is suggested to move the bonded pieces after 8 to 10 hours and the grinding/polishing after 24 hours.

Packaging: Set A+B kg.1.25 liter